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I have two younger siblings and spend a lot of time in my early teens with them. in this period i started to think about the possibilities to double my time in my own motherhood, to let a business run in the background and to have enough time and income to grow up my children personally. It took a long time until I was able to find this type of digitalized business opportunities to fulfill this dream. But now I can live it.

And believe me, I also had hard ups and downs and learned my lessons, what I need to avoid and what I can scale. So I developed my personal brand, watch my branding video here.

Few years I really felt like the underdog, but I learned, what does it mean and what a big advantage this is. 

 If you want to learn the same strategy, grab your copy of this book here:

This is more than only reading a biography. It is learning to use your greatest obstacles transforming into your biggest strenghts.


As a professional teacher on universities I see, what the students are missing and also the professionals are missing. 

And so I was very happy to becoming a partner of Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosis Knowledge Business Blueprint

It is exactly the same idea, I was dreaming of for a decade: to extract my knowledge and to share this with the world in digitalized ways, where we can stay in contact within loosing the valuable offline time with our families. Join this free training from them and if you are interested in stepping into this market, too, guided by me, I will help you with my specialized experiences in KBB Training